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Welcome to The Lombok CRC

Along the Menenting River, lies our humble hotel with innovative and minimalist rooms at a village sanctuary within rural surroundings. A point of tranquility in a climate of serenity and leaves, for you to rekindle with the environment once more, away from the noise and the pace of the city life. Let the scent and sounds of our Alfresco inspired village take you to a peaceful date with greenery.

The hotel is designed for city dwellers to retreat into a life of relaxation, with comprehensive urban facilities such as a conference room and swimming pool.

Complete with a romantic park beside the river, we plant our own seasonal fruits, ready to be made into the freshest juices and cocktails. We aim to give you an inspired living that will edify your spiritual self and recover your energy during your holidays here.

The Lombok CRC serves up a treat, with over 20 rooms in natural fiber clad buildings, to accommodate guests from families to couples. Here we pride in having you experience an adventure in an alternate life, basking in rural air and even chilling with cigars and coffee at the cafe.

We are also home to The Ar’Manis Restaurant, which offers a variety of delicacies catered for both locals and tourists.

Ar’manis offers a range of delectably tantalizing dishes, from Malaysian delicacies to Asian fusion food, with open air feel and traditional Asian restaurant house mood at night.

*Ar’manis is temporary closed for renovations. Only available for breakfast.

The Lombok CRC also includes a swimming pool, a poolside bar & café, traditional massage, gondola rides, and a host of other facilities and activities, and more coming soon!

Our unique features will rejuvenate your being and restore a brand new day!

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